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Larry was born in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. At a young age, Larry was intrigued with coloring books and would spend hours creating colorful impressions. Over the years, his interests grew. In high school, he attended art and computer classes. It was here that he would be first introduced to computer graphic design, the medium that he would eventually come to love and make a career of producing.

After graduating high school, Larry landed a job with a survey company in Worcester, Pennsylvania. He worked on a survey crew for his first two years then accepted a position as a CAD draftsman to help with planning and design. In 2000 he would accept a position as a CAD manager for an engineering company where he was responsible for CAD training, company standards, plan review & graphic design. Larry's responsibilities with these processes would have a huge impact in the years to come.

While working, Larry attended Montgomery County Community College of Pennsylvania, where he majored in General Course Work & Fine Arts for his first year and Commercial Arts along with drafting and computer classes his second year. He continued his education in the Surveying/Civil Engineering industry by attending classes at Delaware County Community College and Spring Garden College of Pennsylvania. Larry finished college at Montgomery County Community College for Technical Engineering.

As clients presented their ideas, it was important for them to visually see what that idea would look like. It was here that Larry's expertise as a graphic designer would be utilized. He used his visualization and computer graphics background to develop stunning 3D presentation displays. This is where his passion for CAD graphic design began.


Finally finding his place in his career, Larry founded Conceptual CAD, LLC and devoted his time developing his passion for the industry. Larry is a sought after CAD Designer for his creativity, efficiency and knowledge of the software. His work has been displayed throughout the area over the past 20 years. Viewing his designs, one can see his passion for the industry. However, the greatest appeal is what Larry individually brings through his personality and years of experience and creativity.

Whether his work is for private or public, one thing is for certain, it is something that every one of us can appreciate.

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