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Detail & Presentation is Everything

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Planning, Drafting,

& Design Done Right

Conceptual CAD, LLC was established by Larry Stempel to offer a professional planning, drafting & design service that actually shows you what your project will look like through virtual imaging and 3D videos. It's not only important to have correct building plans but also for everyone (including township officials, builders & contractors) to visually understand what you want. 


We have hoped to build our new home for several years, but were overwhelmed with the task of design. When Larry began to work with us, the task became exciting, fun and and beyond our expectations.  His 3D tours gave us confidence in the decisions we made.  Larry's work is professional and he never kept us waiting with his responses.  He guided us through the permit process, and we know his unique, detailed plans sealed the deal.  Give Larry the opportunity to work with you on your next project.  You will be pleased you did.

Kim and Ray

Sometimes you work with a vendor only to realize it's like reinventing the wheel. That wasn't the case with Larry. We spoke the same language and when he made revisions they were slight, not drastic, and we were able to produce a great finished product in a very short window of time, cost effectively! I'd gladly and confidently recommend Larry's work to anyone.


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